Other Books

Page added: sometime 1999?
Last updated: Winter 2005

Ah, yes, the "other" section. Home to those things that don't quite fit in with the rest of the books section, but need a home. Check out these other sections as well: Rolling Stone, Anthologies and Lit Crit for other interesting titles.

Some of these rarities can still be bought if you are willing to cough up anywhere from $150US to $2000US. Search through ABE Books and ABAA or Alibris. Prices for gonzo items have risen steadily over the years. Prices jumped when the FLLV movie came out, and again when HST died.

Burial At Sea

A short story HST wrote in 1961 for Rogue magazine.

Mistah Leary, He Dead

Small chapbook of HST's obituary for Timothy Leary


The near legendary short story volume.

Unpublished Works

A list of things that didn't quite make it or rumoured to have been in the works. Polo is My Life has its own section.

Where the Buffalo Roam

The cult movie hit. Some love it, others loathe it.