This is mostly a placeholder page for the Roads section.

I decided to get rid of "Better Than". Back in 1997/98/99, it was pretty good, but now with the age of Google, there shouldn't be as big a problem in finding the sites that gonzo fans want to see. I will probably re-write the pathfinder to include Google links for some of the broader subjects.

The Big List of Names

An intriguing guide to the people who, for better or worse, have been linked to HST. It was the result of a section that grew too big.

Judging a Book By Its Cover

A short guide to buying books and magazines.

Just the FAQs

Tempting to call this the Frequently Unasked Questions, but FUQ sounds a little rude :-) Read the FAQ to find your answer quickly.

The Life of Gonzo

This is a neat section that covers the most important events of HST's life and work. Check it out.

World of Gonzo

A fledgling gonzo travel guide.