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Items with a * are ones that I own. I am no longer actively collecting old Rolling Stones, so I am not looking for ones I don't have :-)

Well, my collection of old Rolling Stones seems to be growing, so it only seems appropriate that a bibliography be made for HST's most famous articles, and not just any run of the mill bib; an in-depth one (cripes, am I a list junkie or what?). Linked issues will either take you to a picture of the cover or a cover and critique if there is one. All dates are MM/DD/YY and the main source was the excellent bibliography by Cande Carroll in Hunter by her sister E. Jean.

*RS 67, 10/1/70, The Battle of Aspen

HST details his run for sheriff, from planning to almost winning. A very powerful statement about changing politics and lifestyles in Aspen. Reprinted in The Great Shark Hunt as "Freak Power in the Rockies".

*RS 81, 4/29/71, Strange Rumblings in Aztlan

One of HST's more famous pieces, this one features Oscar Z. Acosta and is a strange sort of memorial for Ruben Salazar who died when "a sherrif's deputy named Tom Wilson fired a tear gas bomb through the front door (of a bar) and blew (half) of his head off." It compliments Oscar's two books nicely. Reprinted in The Great Shark Hunt and the 25th edition of FLLV.

*RS 90, 11/11/71, Memo From the Sports Desk: The So-Called 'Jesus Freak Scare'

Raoul Duke makes his first appearance as a seemingly surly sports editor. HST warns Rolling Stone staffers how to react when Jesus Freaks storm the offices and flood the mailroom with their letters. Reprinted in The Great Shark Hunt.

*RS 95, 11/11/71, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream

HST used the pseudonym "Raoul Duke" again for this Steadman illustrated issue and it's second part.

*RS 96, 11/25/71, continutation of FLLV

It seems strange, but many books got their start in Rolling Stone (ie, FLLV, The Right Stuff). The first part of FLLV was reprinted in The Great Shark Hunt as well as the previously unpublished jacket copy.

RS 99, 2/3/72, Fear and Loathing in Washington: Is this Trip Necessary?

*RS 101, 2/3/72, Fear and Loathing in Washington: The Million Pound Shithammer

*RS 103

Bob Dylan cover.

RS 104, 3/16/72, Fear and Loathing: The View from Key Biscayne.

*RS 106, 4/13/72, Fear and Loathing: The Banshee Screams in Florida.

*RS 107, 4/27/72, Fear and Loathing in Wisconsin

RS 108, 5/11/72, Fear and Loathing: Late News from Bleak House

*RS 110, 6/8/72, Fear and Loathing: Crank-Time on the Low Road

Nebraska primary.

RS 112, 7/6/72, Fear and Loathing in Claifornia: Traditional Politics with a Vengeance

RS 113, 7/20/72, Fear and Loathing: In the Eye of the Hurricane

*RS 115, 8/17/72, Fear and Loathing in Miami: Old Bulls Meet the Butcher

Illustrated by Ralph Steadman, including cover.

*RS 118, 9/28/72, Fear and Loathing in Miami: Nixon bites the bomb

Illustrated by Ralph Steadman, including cover.

RS 120, 10/26/72, Fear and Loathing: The Fat City Blues

RS 121, 11/9/72, Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls

RS 128, 2/15/73, Fear and Loathing at the Superbowl: No rest for the wicked

Reprinted in The Great Shark Hunt. This article is a kind of epilogue to the campaign articles and one might even call it a metaphor for the campaign - at the beginning, there's all sorts of contenders, then finally it boils down to the top two teams (or candidates) and both rely on talent and luck to win. This piece is more powerful than FLLV, where HST has the urge to preach off his hotel balcony.

*RS 138, 7/5/73, Time Warp: Campaign '72

These are excerpts for Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72; RS has also excerpted Songs of the Doomed, Better Than Sex and The Proud Highway.

RS 140, 8/2/73, Memo from the Sports Desk & Rude Notes form a Decompression Chamber in Miami

Reprinted in The Great Shark Hunt. This is a wonderful article where HST writes both as himself and as Raoul Duke. HST really did have the bends and spent some time in a decompression chamber, but not at this particular moment in time. The article starts out with his anger over not being on Richard Nixon's "Enemies of the White House" list. Duke tries to bravely collect the story.

*RS 144, 9/27/73, Fear and Loathing at the Watergate: Mr. Nixon has cashed his check

Reprinted in The Great Shark Hunt. This lengthy article involves Ralph Steadman and Tim Crouse at the Watergate hearings in Washington. This is a very "Ralph packed" issue, with an illustration on almost every page of the article, in b/w and colour too. Some pictures are full-sized too.

*RS 155, 2/28/74, Fear and Loathing at the Superbowl

The colour in this cover is very rich, and I'm afraid the scan doesn't do it justice. The illustrator is unidentified, and there are no Steadman illustrations, although a curious little skull wearing a football helmet was used as a dingbat. I'm not sure if this is a reprint of the RS 128 article, as it seems to be nearly the same as the one reprinted in Shark Hunt; however, what is in my copies of Shark Hunt is lacking some text, mostly letters to RS staff, that is in RS 155. If you have RS 128, please LMK and we'll clear this up!

RS 164, 7/4/74, Boys in the Bag, Fear and Loathing in Washington

Reprinted in The Great Shark Hunt. This article builds up for RS 171, although one wouldn't have known it back then. HST details the National Affairs Suite, makes some ugly comparisons of Richard Nixon to Hitler and Stalin - "Martin Bormman was the Tex Colson of his time" - and what will happen if Richard Nixon goes on trial.

*RS 171, 10/10/74, Fear and Loathing in Limbo : The Scum Also Rises

This is the article that RS managed to get HST to write in time for the second issue after RS 169, "The Quitter". With several illustrations by Ralph Steadman.

*RS 187, 5/22/75, Saigon Dispatch

This was later reprinted in Songs of the Doomed and was one of the few Vietnam articles that actually were published (most were published 10 years after the fact in RS 429). It is a rather worrisome and serious piece, perhaps proving that some situations are too real and grim to make a gonzo fantasy out of.

*RS 171, 10/10/74, Fear and Loathing in Limbo

This is the article that RS managed to get HST to write in time for the second issue after RS 169, "The Quitter". With several illustrations by Ralph Steadman.

RS 214, 6/3/76, Jimmy Carter and the Great Leap of Faith

RS 214 (June 3, 1976) is probably one of the most influential pieces of political writing. Although HST did not officially endorse Carter (he has often said that endorsements are something a journalist shouldn't do - SoD - and was furious at Jann), the issue was headlined, "Jimmy Carter and the Great Leap of Faith, An Endorsement With Fear and Loathing by Hunter S. Thompson" This is one of the funnier political articles by HST. He isn't really raging at anyone, but was shockingly surprised by Carter's apparent honesty. The article contains a fake press release by Raoul Duke. My favourite part of the article is where HST describes how the Secret Service agents gave him the key to the car trunk to get Wild Turkey over and over again.

*RS 254, 10/10/77, The Banshee Screams for Buffalo Meat

This article would be the basis for the movie, Where the Buffalo Roam. For HST, this seems to be his most passionate and personal piece of writing. Many feel that his writing diminished after Oscar's apparent disappearance and death. This issue is different because it was printed in the format that we know Rolling Stone as today, and not on newsprint.

*RS 264, 5/4/78, Last Tango in Vegas

HST returned to sportswriting many times in the seventies. After floating in the hotel pool with maurijuana instead of covering the Rumble in the Jungle, he redeemed himself by writing this two-part story. It was also included in the recent Muhammed Ali Reader (Ecco Press, 1997). The first part of this story contains a two-page colour illustration by Ralph Steadman. This issue also contains a funny write up about HST in the table of contents. Beside a small picture of HST grinning and opening a wine bottle, the caption reads "Doctor Thompson flexes his arm before getting in the ring with Ali".

*RS 265, 5/18/78, Last Tango in Vegas, Pt 2 : The Scum Also Rises

Continuation of Part 1.