On the evening of February 20, I heard the unfortunate news and quickly went to work. At first only a few emails trickled in, then by the morning of the 21st, the trickle had turned into a flood. Oddly enough, it was a holiday where I live. It was extremely fortunate. I sat all day at the computer updating the homepage and answering emails. I typed "homepage" so much that I started typing "homage" by accident, and I guess that's what the front page turned into.

It's hard to believe that so much time has passed already. It was so good to hear from old friends, and so many concerned fans, and yes, I will try to get back to you all :-) I answered a whopping 83 emails on the 21st alone.

I strongly urge anyone to print out these stories for their own files. On the Internet, nothing lasts forever :-). If a link goes sproing, please let me know.

I'd like to thank everyone that sent links in. I haven't gotten back to everyone, and if something was sent as an attachment, I have not read it yet, but I will try to.

-- Christine

News Stories

NYT story | NYT 02/22 | NYT Appreciation

ABC News 02/21 | Aspen Times | WP on MSNBC

CNN article 02/21 | CNN 02/22 | Yahoo News

Another Salon story | The Guardian

Aspen Daily News | LA Times

KRT story | Denver Post

Boston Globe

SF Chronicle article

HST's last Hey Rube article

Summit Daily News

HST's remains to be shot out of cannon

"Thompson probably planned suicide"

"Son: Thompson's suicide not a surprise, only timing"

"Thompson 'made this choice'"

"Hunter S. Thompson's Wife Could Hear..."

HST Blast-Off Cannon Contest | "HST Commermoration will be private

"Thompson's Body was Found in Chair

Doonesbury pays tribute to HST

"Son's shotgun tribute"

"Alexander Pope in a prose convertible" (gonzox/gogogo)

"Family, friends salute Hunter S. Thompson"

The Smoking Gun (indcident table)

Stars attend HST memorial

Tributes, Editorials, Critical pieces etc

Johnny Brewton has kindly set up a board for people to post their thoughts

Kurt Loder on HST

An appreciation by WP blogger Joel Achenbach

Alligator Sports memorial | Salon

Friends remember HST (othitis@nucleus.com / gonzox)

Ralph Steadman in The Independent | Ralph Steadman site

Tribute from William McKeen

Jerry Brown on HST

Memorial by John C. Dvorak | William Rivers Pitt

Christopher Hitchens on HST

Tony Shore (some remember his gonzo site from way back)

Warren Ellis (scroll down, down)

Plastic discussion | Blog post by my ol' buddy Lono | Anthony

PopMatters tribute | Hawaiian locals remember HST

Dennis Duggan | American Politics Journal

David McCumber | Denver Post | LA Weekly

The Scotsman | Mike Littwin

The Raw Story | Ed Bradley & Others

Letters from Salon readers | Salon archive stories

Tom Wolfe on HST | Chicago Maroon

Mark Morford

Democracy Now (with interview) | Robert Penfold

Mark Morford | Go Inside Magazine

Slate readers weigh in | Alexander Cockburn

Democracy Now (with interview)

Jeff Zillgitt | San Jose Mercury News

Maisonneuve Magazine | Free New Mexican

Idiot Box comic by Matt Bors | Jambase

1974 Playboy interview (ads NSFW) | Marsha Mercer

Tahoe World | Memphis Flyer

Hunter S. Thompson's Brilliant Presence (NPR)

Telegraph Arts | Daily Press

Thrown Out of a Tavern by HST | Death of an American Original

Wade Lipham | Remembering HST

Stop Smiling magazine | RI Anchor

Frank Rich on journalism (NYT) | Goodbye Gonzo

Encountering Hunter S. Thompson | Jonathan Springstone

George McGovern | Alibi

Miller, Thompson, confessed our sins | Cleveland Plain Dealer

Excalibur (York University)

The Morning News

Yahoo! News Complete Coverage | Yahoo! News Photos

Alex Jones' Info Wars | Fufkin

Blog posts, personal websites, etc

Justin | Bill | A memory from Anne | Grumpy Voices blog, a memory by Greg | Kevin | Jeff | Carl | Toni | Preston | ebong.org | endus | Don | Stu Massie | GFS | Dave | Joseph | Radiation Vibe } KL | Chaos-onomics | Andy | Dennis | HST live in Long Beach (an oldie!) | Bradley | Eric | Faulking Truth

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