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I recently found the old "note" and it makes me laugh. Like opening lost closed notebooks of teenage prose, some of the pages on this site reflect my younger self. Some of the pages reveal a time when the net was new and PhotoShop fills were ubercool. Oh my, how far one comes in almost 10 years.

Back in 1996, I was a student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, embarking on my 2 year course for Library and Information Technology. We were introduced to a non-graphical Internet back then, and in one class I learned why HST loved Lexis-Nexis so. The amount of information available was overwhelming. Back then, there were mostly X-files fan pages and stuff like that. A few HST pages here and there. I struck up a conversation with one Paul Maloney, and we had some pleasant emails back and forth. It seems he had the largest page on HST at the time - and more or less one page too.

By, oh gosh, it must have been still 1996 or 1997, when the graphical Internet was available for us in the lab. Computer lab time was such a premium, and like crack addicts looking for their next fix, my classmates and I used every opportunity to log on. AspenOnline was the place to be for gonzo fans - it contained a manifesto, a few pages about HST and odd things like that, as well as featuring the infamous Benton gonzo fist posters. Like my fellow AspenOnliners, I used to stay up late and chat - it was more of a permanent messageboard than a real chat - madly posting and refreshing and loving the odd message from HST. It was my newfound love of HTML and HST that created The Great Thompson Hunt, first starting out as a single page on my old crappy Geocities site, then growing into a large, unwieldy baby. It was with the love and support of the AspenOnliners - Luna, Todd, Stanley, JJ - to name a few, that I was able to keep the site going and growing.

Those were such fun times. There was Jason Hart's wonderful HST website as well where gonzo fans would gather, pleading for news about HST and Screwjack. With all the access to information I had, it wasn't hard for the site to grow...and grow...and keep growing.

I graduated and went on to work for the public library as well as the Mount Royal College library. Fun times. It's hard to believe that I haven't been at the library since 1998. For I so loved the Internet that I wanted to become a web developer, and it was due in part, I'm sure, to TGTH that I have the job I do now. I think this is the weird way in which HST's spirit captures his fans - like a hero in a Horatio Alger story, if I worked hard enough, was determined enough, and passionate enough, nothing was impossible. I suppose I grew up in a time with very few heroes. Everything was out in the open with HST, however. He didn't pretend to be something he was not, his brutal honesty was a shining beacon of righteousness. There was no need to be disappointed in HST for his actions.

I am saddened by HST's loss from this world. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said, or feel anything that hasn't already been felt. I can only thank him for the many years of joy that his work brought to me, and the people that I know because of him. It's rare that a complete stranger have such an amazing impact on people's lives, but HST was no stranger to his readers.

Ah! How time changes, how the Internet changes, how lives change. It's hard to believe it's really been 9 years.

Christine O-B
March, 2005

This site is solely authored and maintained by Christine Othitis who really is of the female persuasion. If you happened to drop by this site in December 1996, it was called The Really Absurd Home Page and looked...ha ha ha. The Great Thompson Hunt is an offshoot of that site, and until March 1998, was a part of The Warrior Wordsmith in Geocities. HST is the granddaddy of Tom Wolfe's new journalism. Before Wolfe came along with his white suits, HST was slowly (and finally) changing the world of journalism, turned it upside down, in fact, with his near-libelous, hilarious and brilliantly prophetic books. The golden age of new journalism has come and gone, but we shouldn't forget this time and the writers and books that fought to make a difference in this world. Some of them are still in print, others lay in the discard rooms of college libraries with broken spines. These books - muckraking classics, tomes of personal and emotional reportage during the sixties and seventies - we are unlikely to see writing of this nature again. So I encourage you to take a look at that site as well as this one.

HST is my favourite all-time writer. He is the romantic image of old time new journalism at the turn of the century, taking those in public office to task and daring them to be responsible to the people. He strings words together and out of his crazed fantasies come often frightening truths. And if this also needs to be said, he is incredibly funny.

Christine O
May, 1998


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