Buffalo - RS AD

This ad featuring Oscar himself ran in RS 118 and presumably a few others. Of course, Oscar's first book was published by Jann Wenner's Straight Arrow Books, which published other classics on no-sew clothing and Jerry Garcia. Their slogan at one time was "We believe in the cosmic giggle". Up until at least 1975, RS was still promoting it's own books, Buffalo among them. In fact, one ad from RS 120 as part of a full page ad that was headlined "12 Good Books From Straight Arrow":

Oscar Acosta is a "Chicano by ancestry and a Brown Buffalo by choice." He's also been a 300-pound Samoan attorney, an Aztec, Mongol Prince, welfare lawyer, Baptist missionary and a dangerous man. He used to carry a knife but gave it to his publisher. Hunter Thompon wrote about Oscar Acosta in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Now he tells his own story, from the barrio to the psychedelic world of the late Sixties; San Francisco, Aspen, Los Angeles; the true confessions of a fat, Mexican kid with more pills than dollars in his pocket, regaling us with all the stories he never told his shrink. Oscar Acosta lives one of the classic experiences of our time. And he tells about it in a voice unique to American life and literature.

Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo cover