Esquire, January 1967

Page added: 1999
Last updated: 2002


Whoever saved this old magazine thought that one day it would be Frank Sinatra fans! This issue still has all the old cards in it, and I doubt it was even read. It's a great addition to my collection of magazines :-) Inside is "Life Styles: The Cyclist" which is similar to Chapters 10 through 15 in the book. Not quite the same, but similar (this article doesn't really seem like an excerpt, just a gentle combination of all these chapters to make one long story). At first I was excited because there is a four page spread of photographs in the article - and after seeing HST's pictures of the gang in The Proud Highway, I was overjoyed! However, when I went to scan them in, I discovered that HST didn't take the pictures. They aren't even CALIFORNIA Angels - they're the Central Conneticut Motorcycle Club. Rudolph Janu took the pictures. Man, what a bummer! The cover appears odd because I had to scan it in three parts.