(Note from older self: OMG!!!! What's up with all the !!! :-D)

These our are front page stats for 1999. All the bottom country info, etc is from mid-1999. TGTH is serving over 1000 pages and image files on the mirror and regular site. Amazing, eh? Hopefully it helps you appreciate all the work that goes into the site :-)

All in all, it's a lot of info...f'rinstance, there are still some people out there using first and second generation browsers. Whoa! Get with it or get left behind :-) Anything below MSIE 4.0 is really crappy. I have to admit that they did get things right with 4.0, tho I wouldn't download 5.0 just yet IYKWIM. I stick with Netscape 3.0 and Netscape Communicator at home simply because I like them a lot :-).



from mid-1999:

Wowee, that adds up to...23572 visits to both the main site and the mirror. Cool eh? So from May 1998 (when I started keeping track) to May 1999, that's 53,611 hits.

Since January 1999...

67% come from the United States
3% come from Canada
3% come from the United Kingdom
2% come from Australia
1% come from New Zealand

Countries that scored three hits or less: Croatia, Anguilla, Costa Rica, Guatamala, Oman, Cyprus, Cayman Islands, Russia, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Qatar, Lebanon, Monaco, Venezuela, Romania, Micronesia, Bulgaria...just to name a few.

Most people like to visit between the hours of 2 and 6 pm.

I asked one of the techies to do a spider of the mirror, which also contains Warrior Wordsmiths, my ever-so-under-construction new journalism site. These are the results:

Pages: 2732 (does not included .html posts from the Owl Farm Kitchen)
Images: 776
Audio: 8
Text: 4
Other Media: 9

Whoa! And it only took two and a half years!!! I figure, on average, I add about ten new pages a week and at least five new images. So for 1999, that's at least...520 pages and 260 images. CAZART!!!