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What's New / Coming Soon

This is the page to bookmark as it lists all the upcoming gonzo news and events. If you would like to hear about gonzo news before it goes up on the website, please sign up for the tgth-announce Yahoo!Group.

If you have gonzo news, drop me a line!

Please note that this is an unofficial fansite, and not endorsed by HST's estate.

Run! Buy it now!

AMMO Books has released a book of HST's photographs called GONZO. It's a limited edition priced at $300US. John wrote in to note that Amazon has it for $235US, when it's available.

The November issue of Outside magazine will have a story about Aspen and HST in its November issue. (Oct 10/06)

The September issue of Playboy features a letter HST wrote to Ralph Steadman 25 years about parenting. I think this might be a column from Generation fo Swine. (Sep-05-06)

Available for pre-order are Warren Hinckle's Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson? and Corey Seymour's Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson, an Oral History (Thanks Pat!)

Apparently you can still get the special editions of the Mountain Gazette and Aspen Times Weekly published from last year. Jake helpfully notes that he has seen them for sale, but they are available for much less by contacting the newspapers. (Jan 22/06).

Veronica sent in a link to the The Best of Hunter S. Thompson DVD. This is a bootleg DVD made of HST's media appearances. (Jan 05/06)

Ralph Steadman has a new book called Untrodden Grapes.

Anita is also going to be co-publisher of The Woody Creeker (thanks everyone!)

Anita has created a official gonzo merchandise store.

Wayne Ewing's new HST movie, "When I Die", is on sale. If you live in Denver, it will be shown at the upcoming film festival on Saturday. (11/08/05)

Out and About

This video of NORML visiting Owl Farm is from June or July of last year (thanks Mike!)

Chris pointed me in the direction of GelaSkins for Apple products. You can get two Ralph Steadman designs for your MacBook or iPod, such as Lizard Lounge (05/21/07)

The BBC 1978 gonzo documentary can now be found on Google Video (Mar 01/07 - thanks Jim!)

Michael Simmons spent an Evening with Ralph Steadman (Mar 01/07)

Film maker Wayne Ewing has a new site which combines all three of his films featuring HST into hunterthompsonfilms.com (22/01/07)

Peter Boyle, who played Lazlo in Where the Buffalo Roam has passed away (13/12/06)

The 1978 BBC documentary has popped up on poeTV (Portal of Evil)

"Hunter Gathers" appears in another Venture Bros ep. Not sure which ep, as Teletoon is only playing old ones.

Brian Keene has written a review of the Starz movie, Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride, which I believe airs December 12

Bob Staake, who has done several illustration of HST, has a CafePress store. He also has a Giclee for sale, although his other giclee may be sold out

My ol' buddy Jake McGee wrote to tell me about some exclusive art and his interview with Ralph for Kotori Magazine. Our local alternative weekly paper has a interview with Ralph Steadman as well. (Nov 15/06)

You can find a bunch of reviews and stories about The Joke's Over with Google News. Here's one from Christopher Hitchens (thanks Tom!)

Ed Bradley passed away earlier this week. He was good friends with HST and Bob Braudis. In fact, he purchased a home in Aspen.

A new movie called "Free Lisl - Fear and Loathing in Denver will premiere at the Starz Denver Film Festival, Nov. 18. There's also a Rocky Mountain News story about it.

Ralph Steadman is on tour to promote his new book, The Joke's Over (Oct 9/06)

Found this old cartoon called Freedom River (narrated by Orson Welles). I always get the feeling that the present is just the past with updated styles.

Update on Deborah Fuller's lawsuit for back pay from HST's estate (Sep-05-06)

Bruno Kirby, who played Jann Wenner in Where the Buffalo Roam has passed away (thanks Hootch)

Props to Trina for sending me a link to this Venture Brothers clip with an HST inspired character in it. It's the best. (Aug27/06)

I'm too lazy to cut and paste the last newsletter full of news, so I'll just link to it :-) (Aug 17/06)

May 23 is Hunter S. Thompson Night in Denver. Anita blogged it here. It's free to attend, and taking place from 7-9 at 454 Sturm Hall at the University of Denver (thanks Lono!)

Here's a press release for Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride, which looks like it will be screened in fall 2006 (May 17/06)

Pitkin County stands up to Patriot Act.

Historian Douglas Brinkley is working on a book about Hurricane Katrina (thanks EA!)

I heard from an old friend today (I like hearing from old friends!) and I don't know why this didn't occur to me before. I watch a ton of budgie videos on YouTube, but never thought about searching for gonzo clips. Enjoy! Thanks Chris!

May 6th was Derby Day. Sinister Minister came 16/20. Man! The Derby Post has HST's legendary article.

Anita's Owl Farm Blog is live!

I almost forgot to post this. Jim writes: " The May issue of Easyriders magazine has a great feature on the Vincent Black Shadow. There are 4 pages of beautiful photos, along with some history of the bike. And thrown in for good measure are twin, topless dwarf models, posing with the bike. A sure collectors item !!!" (Apr-20-06)

I almost forgot about the stage adaption of FLLV until I answered an email from 2004 (yikes!). It was done by Lou Stein. Thanks Mike!

Drawing Breath is a slideshow of Ralph Steadman's exhibit at The Art Institute of Boston (thanks Dinz!)

Brad Smith is an artist and gonzo fan. He has a nice portrait of Johnny Depp as HST on his site, and can make hand-coloured prints. Contact him for more info. I will be including his work when I get the fan art section back together soon (read: this decade ;-))

A Washington Post article on the Coachella festival mentions HST at the bottom (Apr-17-06)

David Stacy would like to let gonzo fans know about his book, Guerilla Journalism. I have not read it personally.

Who is Moctesuma Esparza? You'll find out his connection to gonzo after reading this article.

Rotten Tomatoes has a story about Josh Hartnett, which mentions that he will be adapting The Rum Diary which should appear in "the next few years".

It looks like 2006 is going to be a good year for gonzo books. The Joke's Over : Bruised Memories of a Gonzo Artist: Ralph Steadman on Hunter Thompson is due in October (thanks Patrick!)

Wayne Ewing and Anita will be at the Vail Film Festival on April 1st, for Q&A after a screening of When I Die. There's another article about it here (Mar-31-06)

There's a new film called Fuck that explores the origins of this cute little word. Apparently HST is in it, as well as numerous celebrities.

Carrol Whitmire, the sheriff that HST ran against in 1970, has passed away.

I heard from my ol' buddy Beelers that Wayne Ewing talks about filming the blast-off on the back page of the 25th issue of Stop Smiling. (Mar-19-06)

Anita wrote a piece for ESPN about life without HST. A blog by Anita is also in the works. Of course, you can now order the Woody Creeker magazine from the gonzo store as well.

Bill Cardoso was the one person besides HST that people consistently emailed about. I happened to have the email of one such seeker, remembered, and emailed her the news. She was saddened and annoyed that his old stomping grounds, the Boston Globe had not printed an obituary. She wrote to the paper, and an obit was published on Wednesday.

Columbia Journalism Review has a neat article about The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

Two more stories about Bill Cardoso, here and here (Mar 12-06)

Looks like a new film about HST is in the works according to a press release from Starz Entertainment Group (Mar-07-06)

The New York Public Library has bought an archive of work by William S. Burroughs (Mar-06-06)

Poets & Writers has a article by one of HST's former assistants on what it was like working with him (Thanks Frank! Mar-06-06)

I have received word that HST's friend Bill Cardoso passed away February 25th of cardiac arrest. A memorial service is being planned by Warren Hinckle. A nice remembrance of him appeared was posted over the weekend. (March 06/06)

On February 20th, gonzo fans will be able to download a rare photo of HST from gonzostore.com (Feb 14/06)

Robert S. Boynton, writing at NYNewsday.com, wonders whatever happened to New Journalism.

Viking Youth has a audio interview with Wayne Ewing posted (Jan 20/06)

Did you know that you can still read Hey Rube articles on ESPN? The trick is finding them, as they seem to have killed the archive link, but the here still work.

Site News

I started a blog roll.

New tattoos! (Nov-27-06)

New costume pictures (Sep-05-06)

Gobs of new tattoos! (Aug-27-06)

Yay! Class is over, here's a snapshot of my final project - I got a B+ on it. (May-09-06)

The Owl Farm Kitchen Forum is back.

Still more tattoos and gonzo fans!

More gonzo fans and tattoos!(04/23/06)

Added back in some more HST & Friends stuff and Screwjack. I have to get to the bottom of that template flaw :-D (Apr/2/06)

Added back in Burial At Sea. (03/19/06)

Updated Bill Cardoso's page.

More gonzo fans and tattoos and return of articles to the HST & Friends section. Part of the reason for the delay is that I knew I had stripped versions of the old pages, but couldn't find the zip until recently and I didn't want to have to redo them. (02/19-20/06)

Taschen Curse of Lono

Where the Buffalo Roam is reappearing.

So yes, I have been pootling about in the books section. (01/12/06)

Added six more tattoos!

I answered email today (or some of it). Sorry, it takes me a while (01/05/06).

The Rum Diary section is back. Yay! (Dec 8/05) Polo is My Life is back! Yay! (Jan 5/06)

Added a placeholder page for Campaign Trail (Oct 27/05)

Added two new gonzo fans and some photos of Ralph Steadman from the Port Eliot Lit Fest

--#include virtual="/includes/footer2.asp"--> iv> her/wtbr">Where the Buffalo Roam is reappearing.

So yes, I have been pootling about in the books section. (01/12/06)

Added six more tattoos!

I answered email today (or some of it). Sorry, it takes me a while (01/05/06).

The Rum Diary section is back. Yay! (Dec 8/05) Polo is My Life is back! Yay! (Jan 5/06)

Added a placeholder page for Campaign Trail (Oct 27/05)

Added two new gonzo fans and some photos of Ralph Steadman from the Port Eliot Lit Fest

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