About the Webmaster

Page added May-08-06

It seems obligatory these days to have an "about the webmaster" section, but I really haven't felt it was necessary. I think it's about time though, because so much has changed in the past 9 years. Yup, it's been that long. I first encountered the sweet, sweet crack known at the Internet while attending SAIT. I graduated from the Library and Information Technology program in 1997, worked for the library for a few years, then, as a result of this site and my 1998-era HTML skills, became a web developer. It was a very happy accident!

Long time fans of the site may be surprised that not a lot has changed with me over the past 9 years. I'm pretty much the same person with the same obsessions ;-) I'm still a huge REM fan and it was a thrill to see them and The Hip on two nights in November, 2004. And oh yeah, I still collect model horses, even though my collecting has cooled immensely. When you start to lose count of things, that's usually a sign of an obsession taken too far :-)

Bud and I married on September 26, 2004. We met over a goofy post on Slashdot and became fast friends. While not a gonzo fan, he understood how much HST meant to me, and took a few stabs at reading The Great Shark Hunt. He's a professional geek when he's not professionally driving.

I hope to go to attend the local art college part time or full time at some point in the future. I have been taking credit classes on a continuing ed basis and enjoying them immensely. I'm aiming for a BFA because eventually I want to go back to the library and work a reference desk.

Now the boids...for those that remember my personal homepage back in Geocities eons ago, I still have budgies. Some may remember Buddy and Paullie; both have passed onto that great birdcage in the sky, as well as Baby. Baby was a mean little piece of green fluff, but it was hard not to love him. Jack is still at my parents and going on six this year. Our house was just too quiet without the assorted background screams and chatter, so we bought a little dude we call Mr. Moxie. He flew around the pet store before the lady could get him into the box, hence his name. He's quite a talker, imitating everything from the brrrrr of the toaster to the peep of the microwave.

Mox Rox

I regret that ever since I left the library that I have not been reading as much as I used to. I was without a library card for several years until January 2005, which is embarrassing for me to admit. Lately I have been reading nothing but art books, particularly those on Tom Thomson. He was a famous Canadian painter who suffered a mysterious death. I scared myself a while back because I feared I was turning into the kind of non-reading adult that I had always loathed. Between work and home and school, I really try to make time to read now. The last good fiction book I read was Crow Lake by Mary Lawson.

If you'd like to know more about the site, try reading the note and disclaimer. You can also drop me a line too but I can't guarantee that I will be able to write back in a timely manner. I never thought it was possible to have an email bankruptcy, but over time the volume of mail has exceeded my ability to reply to it.

I decided to add a little CV to this page after doing a research assignment for my art history class. The point of the exercise was to determine which sites were "good" and "bad" and what qualifications the site author has.


  • Asset keyworder, stock photography agency
  • 6.5 years, webmonkey, large nationally known new media company with many large American clients like Mercedes-Benz USA and Dell
  • 3 years, assorted library jobs


  • 2006, Colour Design Fundamentals, ACAD, B+
  • 2005, Visual Survey of Art History 110, ACAD, B+
  • 2004, Painting 101, ACAD, A
  • 2004, Drawing 120, ACAD, C (the instructor and I had different ideas :-D)
  • 2003, Drawing 110, ACAD, A
  • 2003, The Writer Inside, SAIT, A
  • 2003, Basic Editing, SAIT, A
  • 2002, Fundamentals of Grammar, SAIT, A
  • 2001, Intro to Programming, SAIT, A
  • 1997, Library and Information Technology grad, SAIT